Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Genki Kawamura
The University of Tokyo, Japan
It was a great pleasure for me to join the Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Chemical Probe Research Hub, held in Sendai from Nov.18th -Nov.21st. I was invited as a young researcher of Japan consisting of graduate students and post-doctorate from all over the country. This A3 Program is special in a way it serves a unique experience for every attendee, especially for a young scientist. I, myself as a chemical biologist working in the field, I savored every moment in the A3 program.
The A3 Program offered me two experiences that I started to realize important for scientific achievements. One is to make a connection with other scientists, especially international connections. The other is getting innovative ideas from the presentations of world-leading scientists. Because the A3 program has a condensed scientific program with scientifically established attendees, I was very satisfied with my achievements in this program.

Making a connection with other scientists is important because different opinions and ideas from other researchers are crucial to developing scientific ideas. Comment from a scientist with different scientific backgrounds is essential, as diverse ideas can pave the way to unexpected outcomes. I presented my research on applying optogenetics to understand metabolite regulation. I discussed the relationship between my result and cell-cycle regulation. This kind of broadening my idea was one of the achievement joining this program.
In addition, the A3 Program provided us several opportunities, like an excursion tour to the brewery and symposium dinner, to interact with each other in a casual atmosphere to get to know each other well. Every attendee had unique and respectful characters. I enjoyed talking with young researchers in Korea and China who are at the stage of a similar life career as to me. It was very encouraging as we can share our experience and set purposes towards our career plans.
Listening to scientific talks of the finest quality is important to develop scientific philosophy. I believe one’s philosophy on science is the most important factor that nourishes a scientist. In the A3 program, participating members are of at most established in the subjects in the Asian scientific community. Great memorable talks from attendees stimulated my ideas. With my experience in the A3 program, I surely made progress improving skills for scientific research.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the A3 Program and the committee members, especially Prof. Ueda for hosting this wonderful meeting. Also, I am grateful for the organizing staff from Prof. Ueda’s lab. I appreciate all the attendees for their presentation of the finest quality and being respectful for every attendee to share science and culture. I am very proud of myself as a participant who joined this wonderful program.