Messages from the Principal Investigator

Prof. Minoru Ueda (Japanese PI)
Tohoku University, Japan

Chemical biology is an interdisciplinary field of study that is often defined as “chemistry-initiated biology.” Our new A3 project focuses on basic aspects of chemical biology: the creation and application of “chemical probes,” which will allow us to analyze, understand, and control important biological events and disease states.
The “Asian Chemical Probe Research Hub” is the largest international chemical biology group in Asia. We try to develop a “tricep” of Asian Chemical Biology by international collaboration among China, Korea, and Japan. This action will increase scientific diversity and benefits of scale, and will amplify the environment that promotes international collaborations.

Prof. Jianhua Qi (Chinese PI)
Zhejiang University, China

“Asian Chemical Probe Research Hub (ACPRH)” is the largest international chemical biology group in Asia. In addition to our annual meeting, we will promote collaborations among our members on research projects, exchanging graduate students and young scientists. I wish our collaboration achievements will lead to discovery of new drug and novel medical applications. And I wish ACPRH will expand its scale and influence in the future.
At the end, I thank you all for your participation and contribution to this project.

Prof. Seung Bum Park (Korean PI)
Seoul National University, Korea

We are very pleased to co-organize A3 Foresight on “Asian Chemical Probe Research Hub (ACPRH).” With the generous support of A3 Foresight Program among three funding agencies, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), I would like to initiate new international collaboration in the field of chemical biology among three major countries in Asia.
ACPRH provides an ideal forum to discuss the tremendous progresses in the field of chemical biology. We hope that ACPRH will help to facilitate advancing the frontier research in chemical biology. This project also provides an excellent opportunity to build new friendships among members and promote the international collaboration between three countries.
May I wish a warm welcome to you all. I hope that this project is a complete success and that new friendship and collaboration will be made today.