Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Sihyeong Yi
Department of Chemistry,
Seoul National University, Korea
 The 4th A3 Roundtable Meeting on Chemical Probe Research Hub was held in Sendai, Japan from Nov. 18th to 21st. It was my great honor to have the chance to attend the A3 meeting again, where I could freely join the wonderful discussion and meet many good friends from Japan, China as well as Korea. I want to show my special thanks to my supervisor, Prof. Seung Bum Park, for allowing me to participate this meeting, and Prof. Minoru Ueda and Ms. Junko Hoshi for inviting me to this wonderful meeting. During this whole meeting, I made many good memories I would never forget while being provided with new insights and ideas from excellent talks given by leading scientists in the field of chemical biology.
 From the very first day of the meeting, I was really impressed with warm-hearted hospitality Japanese crews showed us. It was also really great to have the time for young scientists to introduce themselves to other participants. Even though the time was short, I could build a good friendship with other young scientists. Especially thanks to Ueda group members, I could enjoy Japan more than I could have ever imagined.
 In the second day of the meeting, I presented my oral talk under the title of “Library-to-library Strategy for Construction of Structurally Diverse Pyrimidine-embedded Medium- to Macrocyclic and Bridged Small Molecules”. Though there were not many questions and comments, it was an excellent experience to present my own research in front of world leading scientists. I was super nervous before my talk, and I don’t remember how it went. But this opportunity allowed me to compare myself to other young scientists as well as me of the past, and to think about my strength and weakness. Attending this A3 meeting was an excellent chance for me to improve my presentation skills along with my vision toward chemical biology.
 I sincerely appreciate Prof. Seung Bum Park, Prof. Minoru Ueda, and Prof. Jinhua Qi for holding this wonderful meeting and giving me a chance to participate this wonderful meeting. I look forward to showing my research progress and meeting other world-leading scientists at the next A3 meeting, and hope this wonderful meeting last forever to give excellent opportunities to many young scientists.