Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Yuka Nimura
Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, Japan
 It was my great honor to attend the Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Chemical Probe Research Hub which was held from Nov. 18th to 21st in 2019 in Sendai, Japan. I enjoyed discussing with researchers from three countries (China, Korea, and Japan) and a lot of attractive presentations. I appreciate giving me the opportunity to make an oral presentation at the A3 meeting.

 In this meeting, I presented on “Analysis of electrostatic interaction of the transmembrane peptide of the insulin receptor with acidic glycolipid GM3”. Although the interaction between insulin receptor has been reported to cause type 2 diabetes, the actual mechanism involved has not been elucidated. To clarify the interaction, we synthesized transmembrane peptide of insulin receptor and constructed a model system by incorporating the peptide into a liposome. It was a valuable experience for me to present our recent research and to discuss with many researchers at the international conference. Also, it was the first time to chair oral presentation in English. These experiences gave me the confidence to speak English.

 Apart from the presentation, we had many opportunities to develop relationships among students. I was excited to talk about various things including research topics with people from different cultures. One of the most excellent results I got in this meeting is that I could build relationships with people from three countries. I am looking forward to seeing them at other conferences in the future.

 Finally, I would like to thank A3 foresight program, Prof. Minoru UEDA and all members of this meeting.