Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Xiaohong Chen
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University, China

I am deeply grateful to attend the fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Chemical Probe Research Hub in Tohoku University during November 18th to November 21st in 2019. It was the first time for me to make a presentation in international academical conference, and became a great experience. The title of my presentation was “Near-infrared optogenetic engineering of photothermal nanoCRISPR for programmable genome editing”, and the participants put forward some questions and advices which was useful to make my research better. At the same time, I become more confident to adapt the discussion atmosphere.

Through this meeting, I got a lot of times to communicate with the other student who come from different countries, Korean and Japan students in dinner, we enjoyed different cultures, including learning habits, even dietary habits, more important different lab learning atmosphere. And I profoundly realized that phD students we are having the same scientific research problem.

Thanks to these experiences, I started to think more about my research work and the progress they have made in chemical biology, I hope next A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub, I can have more excellent work to share.
Last but not least, I am really appreciate that Tohoku University give this opportunity to hold such successful meeting and A3 Roundtable program to support me to join in this meeting.