Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Shin Osawa
RIKEN, Japan
 Before A3 meeting, ‘’The Third A3 Young Scientist Meeting’’ was held on Feb 22, 2019. A3 young scientist meeting was impressive for me since my research field is slightly different from chemical probe field. Fortunately, several committees were interested my work and gave me an opportunity to talk in this A3 annual meeting. It was challenging to explain my research easily and impressively for researcher of different field. That experience, suggestion, and discussion in A3 young scientist meeting improved my research and oral presentation. After my presentation in A3 annual meeting, some researchers showed interests and gave questions and suggestions for me. This opportunity and discussion will develop my current work.
 In this meeting, a lot of famous researcher participated and cutting-edge researches were presented all during this meeting. These highly-diverse research topics took me a chance to consider what I want to study in the future. In addition, a lot of senior researcher introduced own career path, taking an opportunity to imagine my career path from now on. This precious information was shared in not only presentation part but also lunch, dinner, and coffee break time. Even famous researcher frankly talked to me in that time, leading to establish strong research network. This network is a great property of me for research collaboration in the future.
 The tour of Nikka whisky’s distilleries reminded up me a close relationship between academic research and industry field. Since my research is related to yeast which is a key factor of fermentation, I could touch a science in production process and quality control of whisky. Therefore, it is a good chance to think about application of my work to not only human health but also fermentation industry. Young researchers from China and Korea were impressed with Japanese fermentation technology. It made me feel a great responsibility as a microbe researcher for sustaining, developing, and inheriting of Japanese fermentation skill and tradition.
 lastly, I’d like to appreciate the JSPS A3 Foresight Program and organizers for taking a precious time to develop my “present” research, to consider my “future” career, and to thank “past” researches and Japanese traditional technology.