Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Gao Jingchi
Osaka University, Japan
 I feel honored and grateful to have such a chance to attend the 4th A3 Round Table Meeting on Asian Chemical Probe Research Hub held in Sendai. It was a great opportunity for me to meet many well-known scientists from China, Japan and Korea, and many energetic young researchers as well. I appreciate the chance to know about their works, and I am also glad that I had such a chance to present my own work in front of them.

 It is a pity that I could only participate in 2 days of the 3-day meeting. However, even in the limited time, I had the chance to listen to presentations on research of a variety of fields. These presentations once again reminded me of the broad coverage of chemical biology research ranging from natural products to biological function analysis, from synthetic small molecules to supramolecules. The diversity of research topics once again reminded me of the importance of interdisciplinary research.

 Moreover, alongside all the scientific contents, even within the short period of time, I had a chance to enjoy the city of Sendai, and I am very impressed by the delicious food and tasty drinks. The visit to the distillery was a great experience and a great refresh, where I for the first time learnt about how whiskey are made, and had a chance to taste many kinds of drinks.

 Finally, I would like to thank the A3 Foresight Program and the organizing committee, and show my appreciation again for the chance to attend this great conference.