Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Lihong Cheng
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Zhejiang University, China

 It was my great honor to attend the Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Chemical Probe Research Hub which was held from Nov. 18th to 21th in 2019 in Sendai, Japan. A3 Roundtable Meeting gives a strong connection among three Asian countries (China, Japan and Korea) and gathers top scientists together to enhance the strength and influence of the Asian Chemical Biology. In addition, it provides a platform for young scientists to present their research work and discuss with top scientists. And it also provides an opportunity for students to expand their horizons and learn about the most cutting-edge knowledge of the science.

 I attended this meeting as a postdoc supervised by Prof. Jianhua Qi and gave 10-minutes short oral presentation in the meeting. The topic of my presentation was “Mechanism of action study of a neuritogenic triterpenoid from traditional Chinese medicine”. I introduced about one neuritogenic triterpenoid which is isolated from traditional Chinese medicine using the guidance of the PC12 cells bioassay system. Then, the target prediction of this compound was performed by ChemProteoBase profiling analysis, and its mechanism of action was investigated using specific inhibitors and western blot analysis. ChemProteoBase profiling analysis was conducted by Prof. Hiroyuki Osada’s lab (RIKRN, Japan). A3 Roundtable Meeting provides a platform to make collaborations with each other. After my presentation, I received some valuable questions and comments from professors and students.

 At the same time, it was my great pleasure to hear many awesome presentations by the leading scientists from Asian Countries. Among those presentations, I was mostly interested in the target identification of small molecules especially Prof. Hiroyuki Osada from RIKEN, Japan and Prof. Seung Bum Park from Seoul National University, Korea. Thanks to the meeting, I learned a lot and gained a plenty of experience. Especially, I realized that collaboration is very important while doing the research work, and there is still a long way I need to walk on. I hope I can also achieve outstanding goals in the near future just like all the participants in this A3 meeting.

 At last, I was grateful for A3 foresight program to support me to join in this meeting especially Prof. Minoru Ueda. Thank you so much for the wonderful organization for A3 Sendai meeting which was full of the outstanding science and various activities for building and strengthening our collaboration and friendship. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all A3 organizers especially Prof. Minoru Ueda and his group members for their excellent organization and warm hospitality during A3 Sendai meeting. I would also like to thank Lab of Natural Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Zhejiang University especially Prof. Jianhua Qi for choosing me as a participant.