Our Mission

An increasing number of Asian scientists trained in western countries have recently been recruited back to Asia, making contributions to the advancement of science and technology in their home countries. Many members of A3 coalition have taken this career path, and have maintained US/EU-centric interactions in their research. Our goal is to increase such interactions within Asia. We plan to accelerate international collaborations in chemical probe research among Chinese, Korean, and Japanese scientists by sharing resources.

  • ・International exchange of chemical libraries will accelerate discovery of novel bioactive molecules
  • ・Sharing chemical probes, such as natural products, synthetic organic molecules,peptide derivatives, and nucleic acid analogs, will facilitate analysis of biological events
  • ・Personnel exchange will enhance technology transfer and training

Innovative A3 International Collaborations
A3 program focuses on basic aspects of chemical biology: the development and application of “chemical probes,” which will allow us to analyze and understand important biological events and disease states, paving the way for medical and diagnostic innovations. Chemical biology has already begun to, and will continue to, revolutionize.

Research Plans
A3 platform strongly encourages international collaboration. We are organizing annual A3 meetings to develop and plan the new collaborations. Up-coming projects will be soon announced in this HP.

Next-Generation Chemical Biologists
Promotion of next-generation scientists is a pressing issue in all fields. A3 program will provide graduate students and junior scientists with an international environment for mastering interdisciplinary chemical biology.
We will take steps to encourage students and junior scientists to strengthen their identities as emerging next-generation A3 scientists, and to independently engage in international activities. The most promising graduate students and junior scientists will experience international evaluation, gain self-confidence as scientists, and establish connections with potential collaborators in all A3 countries.

Acknowledgement: Financial support by JSPS/NRF/NSFC


  • 2021-12-01
    Extended【Deadline for manuscript submissions: May 1st, 2022】Molecules | Special Issue: Chemical Biology Research in Asia
  • 2021-11-30
    【Pacifichem2020 rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic】Pacifichem2021: Dec.16~21, 2021 'New Frontier of Chemical Probes exploring Biology and Medicine' !FINAL UPDATE!
  • 2021-10-13
  • 2021-10-13

Annual Meeting


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