The 99th CSJ Annual Meeting 日本化学会第99春季年会・アジア国際シンポジウム共催(2019年3月18日)

The 99th CSJ Annual Meeting


アジア国際シンポジウム共催(2019年3月18日 甲南大学・岡本キャンパス)

Huiming Ge(南京大学)

Xing Chen(北京大学)

Jun-Seok Lee(KIST)

Chengqi Yi(北京大学)

Asian International Symposium, co-sponsored by A3 program
Date: March 18th, 2019
Venue: Konan University, Kobe, Japan


3 Chinese and 1 Korean A3 members received ‘2019 CSJ Lectureship Award’, which gave away to the excellent young researchers in Asia.
Not to mention, their talks were splendid!

Dr. Yi (Peking University)

Prof. Lee (KIST)

Prof. Chen (Peking University)

Prof. Ge (Nanjing University)