Pacifichem 2020 採択 ' New Frontier of Chemical Probes exploring Biology and Medicine' (Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. Dec.15-20, 2020)

The following A3-sponsored symposium was accepted in Pacifichem 2020@Hawaii 

Pacifichem 2020に本事業シンポジウムが採択されました。

‘New Frontier of Chemical Probes exploring Biology and Medicine’  (#350)

Organizers: Ueda, Minoru; Park, Seung Bum; Qi, Jianhua


DATE:Wednesday, December 16th, 2020





– Call for Papers for the poster session of our symposium #350-

 • Abstract Submissions Open: January 2, 2020

 • Call for Abstracts Closes: April 1, 2020

Topic Area: Organic                                                                                                                            Titele: New Frontier of Chemical Probes exploring Biology and Medicine                                      Description/Focus and Content: As biological processes all stem from chemical events, it is possible to use chemical approaches to understand and manipulate biological events. This rapidly growing field of study will continue to open new avenues for future drug discovery and novel medical applications. The proposed symposium focuses on the chemical basis of chemical biology: the creation and application of “chemical probes,” which will allow us to analyze and understand important biological events and disease states, paving the way for medical and diagnostic innovations.

Our symposium will cover the following topics: 1) Discovery of novel bioactive molecules 2) Chemical probes for monitoring cellular events 3) Organic Synthesis expanding chemical space for library screening 4) Chemical inhibitors or protein modulators related to human diseases 5) Chemical technologies to identify protein targets of bioactive small molecules 6) Hybrid materials or assemblies combining nucleic acids, peptides, and organic molecules as novel chemical tools for understanding biology.

Our symposium also offers the opportunity to promote next-generation scientist. Many young scientists will be included as contributed speakers.