第2回 A3 Young Scientist Meeting (7月20日開催)



The Second A3 Young scientist Meeting ended successfully. We had 2 invited talks and 14 selected PDs and grad. students’ presentations.

8 Grad. students and PD received the invitation to our third annual meeting at Jeju, Korea.








第2回 A3 Young Scientist Meeting 



申込:不要 ※直接会場にお越しください



13:00-13:15 髙橋 紀人(東京農工大学・大栗研・D1)

“Design and Modular De Novo Synthesis of 6-Aza-artemisinins”

13:15-13:30 小島 健一(薬学研究科・徳山研・D3)

“Total Synthesis of (+)-Haplophytine”

13:30-13:45 佐々木 捷悟(東京農工大学・長澤研・D1)

“Development of linear hexaoxazoles as topology-selective G-quadruplex stabilizing ligands”

13:45-14:00 村上 英太郎(大阪大学・中谷研・M2)

“Synthesis and evaluation of ligands binding to C9orf72 GGCCCC repeat DNA related to ALS/FTD”

14:00-14:15 山下 有美(薬学研究科・徳山研・M1)

“Total Synthesis of (+)-CC-1065 Utilizing Ring Expansion Reaction of Benzocyclobutenone Oxime Sulfonates”

14:15-14:40 塚野 千尋(京都大学・薬学研究科・講師)

“Total Synthesis of Cyclopropane-Containing Natural Products with Unique Substitution Patterns”

14:40-15:00   ―  Break —

15:00-15:15 岡村 俊孝(薬学研究科・岩渕研・D2)

“A mild 2-step Propargylation of Bioactive Small Molecules”

15:15-15:30 小松 莉奈(東京農工大学・櫻井研・D1)

“Chemical-probe based approach to binding interaction analysis of anticancer natural product OSW-1”

15:30-15:45 宮川 咲季(生命科学研究科・上田研・M1)

“Chemical probe approach to plant immunity in stomata”

15:45-16:00 安田 瑞穂(東京農工大学・長澤研・M1)

“Visualization of G-quadruplex in Living Cell using macrocyclic hexaoxazoles”

16:00-16:15 Mahadeva Swamy(北海道大学・門出研・研究員)

“Structure-inspired design of a sphingolipid mimic sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor agonist from a naturally occurring sphingomyelin synthase inhibitor”

16:15-16:35   ―  Break —

16:35-17:00  石川 稔(東京大学・定量生命科学研究所・准教授)

“Selective degradation of target proteins by small molecules”

17:00-17:15 八十島 浩太郎(薬学研究科・土井研・M2)

“Synthetic Study for Novel-Foxo3a Inhibitor JBIR-141 toward Elucidation of Mode of Action”

17:15-17:30 有薗 賢志(大阪大学・菊地研・D1)

“Development of OFF-ON-OFF fluorescence-switchable probes for detection of protein degradation”

17:30-17:45 筒井 正斗(大阪大学・深瀬研・D2)

“Chemical syntheses of ABO blood type antigens using diacetyl strategy”

17:45-18:00 植田 誉志史(京都大学・森研・研究員)

“Roles of H2O2 on cancer progression: studies based upon imaging analysis”