Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Yoon Soo Hwang
Department of Chemistry,
Seoul National University, Korea
 The 4th A3 Roundtable Meeting on Chemical Probe Research Hub was held in Sendai, Japan from November 18th to 21st. It was great honor for me to attend the A3 meeting again. During this meeting, I learned a lot from excellent presentations given by leading scientists in the field of chemical biology, which provide me a new insight and new idea for my future research career in chemical biology.

 In the second day of the meeting, I gave my presentation. Before my presentation, I served as a chair of Prof. Wei-Jun Yang. It was a valuable experience for me to introduce other speaker and his research topic at the meeting. After that, I had my oral presentation about α-galactosylceramide with diether moiety for 10 minutes. It was extremely stressful and in high pressure to give a talk in front of world-leading scientists in English. To overcome my fear to give a public talk in English, I practiced a lot and made a big improvement in my presentation in English. After my presentation, I received a list of good questions from other researchers and had wonderful discussion with them. Especially, Prof. Jianhua Qi who is chief P.I. of China asked me the effect of changing sugar group. That question actually refreshed me the importance of changing sugar group in α-galactosylceramide.

 The A3 meeting always gave me good opportunity to make new friends from other countries. Although the time was short, we could make intimate relationships each other. Now, I am looking forward to seeing future leaders in chemical biology again in the next meeting. Finally, I am sincerely grateful to my supervisor, Prof. Seung Bum Park, for giving me a chance to attend this A3 meeting. Also, I appreciate Prof. Minoru Ueda for his warm-hearted hospitality to me and my colleagues during this meeting. I hope that the A3 meeting will last forever and give more opportunity to young scientists.