Report of The Fourth A3 Roundtable Meeting on Asia Chemical Probe Research Hub

Yeongju Lee
Pohang Universitiy of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea

First of all, I really appreciate the A3 Program and participants for giving me such a great opportunity to listen to studies of outstanding researchers and present my research progress. This was the first time to participate in the A3 roundtable meeting and to be in Sendai. Therefore, it was really impressing to me.

When I arrived in Sendai City, I could feel comfortable and warm atmospheres from people in Sendai. From arrival to Sendai, manager Junko took care of me and other Korean researchers. Therefore, we could easily participate and enjoy this symposium. I could meet many renowned researchers studying chemical biology and listen to their remarkable achievements in this field. They all had a passion for their own research, and these things made me more motivated in my research. In addition, I presented my research progress during my Ph.D. course on the second day of the symposium. Some professors asked about my research and suggested a cooperative work. I was really excited to discuss my results with other professors. I enjoyed the scientific discussion and brilliant presentation about research as well as an excellent view of Sendai in the excursion. In addition, I could make many foreign friends at the dinner party on the second day of the symposium. All the contents in the A3 roundtable meeting were perfect, and I was really appreciated to give me such a great experience in Sendai. In addition, I could not forget about the nice sceneries in the night upon the Sendai castle. I hope to participate in the next A3 roundtable meeting again.